Wedding Cake Flavor


What is more magical than a wedding in New Orleans? St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square is a destination wedding icon, and many follow with a reception at the Court of Two Sisters to enjoy a jazz band, a second line and, of course, WEDDING CAKE! Wedding Cake is like regular cake…only better! Cake batter with a hint of almond is the recipe for a strong and long-lasting marriage. And you don’t need to renew your vows to experience this marriage again with this Wedding Cake NOLA Flavor.



Craving a slice of soft, smooth Wedding Cake, but don’t have any weddings to go to? No problem! Just add this delicious Wedding Cake flavor to your favorite eJuice, eLiquid, Cocktail, Candy, etc. For all the flavor and none of the calories, order a bottle of our sensational Wedding Cake flavor today!

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