Watermelon Flavor


It’s a hot summer Sunday, and you’ve been workin’ hard mowin’ the lawn that just never seems to stop growing. Finally finished, you put the mower in the shed and walk in the back door to the kitchen…and there it is—a plate of big chunks of watermelon waiting on the counter. As you pick up that first piece in your hands, it’s a little bit cold to the touch, and the deep red watermelon meat is glistening with sweet juice. Then, you take a big bite out of it, and cool watermelon juice flows down your chin onto your sweat-soaked shirt. Watermelon flavor recreates that first bite—without the seeds!



Want to sink your teeth into a juicy Watermelon without all the mess? Add this sweet Watermelon flavor to your favorite eJuice, eLiquid, Cocktail, Candy, or whatever your heart desires! Buy a bottle of our delicious Watermelon flavor and shake up your taste buds today!

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