Moon Pie Flavor


Do you remember standin’ on the neutral ground side durin’ Mardi Gras and gettin’ hit in the head by a silver package? You pick it up off the ground, open it, and find some chocolate biscuit inside. You take a bite and say, “Hey, it’s a marshmallow covered in chocolate. Genius! Somebody better get a copyright on this!” Moon pies are a frequently caught item during Mardi Gras, and who doesn’t like chocolate-covered marshmallows?



Oh no! It’s not Mardi Gras time yet, but you need a Moon Pie in your life! Have no fear! Our Moon Pie flavor is here! Just add this Moon Pie flavor to your favorite eJuice, eLiquid, Cocktail, Candy, etc. Buy a bottle of our Moon Pie flavor today to end your cravings and start enjoying your life!

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