Cotton Candy Flavor


What could be better than a bunch of pink- or blue-dyed crystallized sugar wrapped around a piece of cardboard? Let’s go back to the good ol’ days on Pontchartrain Beach where you begged ya Mamma and dem for a wooden nickel so you could get summa dat cotton candy! Or maybe you liked to go to the circus…either way, Cotton Candy NOLA Flavor is the best way to go back to your childhood for a minute.  Let’s go to Dot’s Diner while y’at it!



There’s nothing better than the light, airy taste of Cotton Candy to bring you back to your childhood. Add this Cotton Candy flavor to your favorite eJuice, eLiquid, Cocktail, Candy, or whatever your heart desires! Buy a bottle of our Cotton Candy flavor today, and get your candy on!

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