Antebellum Blend Flavor


Antebellum Tobacco Blend by NOLA FLAVORS. Buy our high quality, Handmade flavor for any and all of your, candy, eJuice, drink, eLiquid, and culinary uses. Spice up your tastes today with our next level antebellum tobacco flavor.



Do you pine for the Golden Age of New Orleans, when cotton was king and the good ol’ boys were rollin’ in cash? Well, cotton may no longer be “the fabric of our lives”; nonetheless, you can still roll up a blend of Antebellum tobacco, just like Jeff Davis himself used to smoke. The Confederate flag may come down from state capitols, and New Orleans’s Lee Circle may be renamed Landrieu Circle, but Antebellum Blend Tobacco Flavor can always bring you back to the good ol’ days of Dixie. Put this in your pipe and smoke it!


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