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Professional Grade Flavor for Baking, eJuice, Candy, e-Liquids, Drinks and More

Our flavors profiles are used to craft baked goods, candy, e-cigarette flavors, and other flavorful creations enjoyed worldwide. We distribute to consumers and manufacturers who want to Jazz up their products. We partner with bars and cocktail makers wishing to create a uniquely New Orleans drink.  We source our Organic Extracts as well as Natural and Artificial flavor precursor from an FDA registered facility located in the United States.  Please feel free to browse our product line and “laissez les bon temps rouler”.


This category, “supplies” consists of the accessory products generally used to hold, mix, and handle flavors and extracts.  Here, you will find bottles, pipettes,  bags and such.  Stock up on all of the supplies you need to create your own works of flavor art.


Professional grade, New Orleans Inspired flavors for all your flavoring needs.  Our original flavors are hand made in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The New Orleans Flavor Company ships flavors worldwide to bring the flavor of New Orleans to the world.


The “extracts” product category consists mostly of carrier liquids and other materials used to dilute and distribute concentrated flavors. Buy NOLA Flavors’ pure, high quality extracts to create your next original flavor creation.


Learn how to make your own tasty and flavorful creations.  Here, you will learn about the art of D.I.Y. flavor profile blending and mixing.  Learn how to blend basic flavor profiles to create interesting, unique, and original combinations.

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Learn about our New Orleans Inspired flavors, flavorings, and other relevant information:

Gilligan’s Island Cocktail Recipe

Learn to Craft a Fruity, Refreshing Drink For those who are 21(+) 1 oz VODKA  5 - 7 Drops of Nola Flavors "Georgia Peach flavor (substitute with 1oz of PEACH SCHNAPPS)  1 oz ORANGE JUICE  3 oz CRANBERRY JUICE  Shake Together with Ice and Enjoy...