We’re New Orleans natives who want to share quintessential New Orleans flavors with the world.

Being from New Orleans, we’re a little bit spoiled when it comes to flavor, so we frequently find the food is always better at home. Since we love the flavors of New Orleans so much, we want to share those flavors with the world. The NOLA Flavors collection has many New Orleans favorite flavors, and we aim to create all of the flavors New Orleans natives and tourists alike have come to love.

We sell to people who make eJuice and eLiquid flavors for the Vaping (electronic cigarette) industry, culinary artists, and people who just want to throw a NOLA Flavor in their water or favorite snack. NOLA Flavors are the best way to recreate any New Orleans experience, whether it’s biting into a piece of King Cake or a Bananas Foster dessert, enjoying a Beignet with a Café au Lait, or sippin on a Strawberry Daiquiri. Maybe you’re a refugee New Orleans native and you just need those flavors in your everyday life. NOLA Flavors will give you what you need. Maybe you’re a NOLA native who still lives here (and you’ll probably never leave). Then why would you want anything else than a NOLA Flavor. Maybe you’re a carpetbagger, and you want to pretend you’re a regular connoisseur of New Orleans cuisine. Show off a NOLA flavor. Maybe you live somewhere else, and you want to know just what New Orleans tastes like. Put NOLA Flavors in your mouth. Maybe you’re an alien from another plant. NOLA Flavors represent some of the best flavors on Planet Earth.

Our flavors have been used to create ecigarette flavors all over the world. We sell to candy manufacturers who want to put NOLA Flavors in their products. We sell to bars and cocktail makers everywhere who want to create a uniquely New Orleans drink. We sell to anyone who wants to put NOLA Flavors in their mouth. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to put a NOLA Flavor in your mouth? Did we mention Antebellum Tobacco, Perique Tobacco, and Menthol Cigarette flavors? These flavors are obvious New Orleans favorites that should be a part of any ejuice collection. What about Praline or Ponchatoula Strawberry? These flavors are legit New Orleans flavors and they would be great in any food or beverage product. Why don’t you just go to the Absinthe House and have some Absinthe? Enjoy all the tastes of New Orleans with our NOLA Flavors collection; and, as always, “laissez les bon temps rouler.”